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Dynamic oil change

Dynamic oil change

Dynamic oil change in the automatic transmission

Some car manufacturers are convinced that there is no need to change the oil in vehicles with automatic transmissions. However, if this process is not carried out in a timely manner, it can lead to damage to the gearbox, as confirmed by many experienced mechanics.

Dynamic oil change

The gearbox is one of the most demanding parts of the car, which is why it is so important to check it regularly. Often in showrooms, a static oil change is recommended, which, however, often turns out to be insufficient. That is why our mechanics use a dynamic oil change for the automatic transmission, which is carried out with the engine running. The old fluid is removed from the tank and replaced with a completely new one. In a situation where the oil has not been changed for a long time, our mechanics also use a rinse.

Thanks to the use of dynamic oil change, fluids are completely removed from the automatic transmission. In addition to the service, our mechanics will also advise when the next replacement should be made, which depends on the model of your vehicle.

When to change the oil?

You don't know if your car needs a dynamic oil change? We invite you to our service, where the vehicle will be checked by experienced mechanics. Our employees are aware of their responsibility - that's why they make every effort to ensure that the vehicle leaves our service center in Krakow like straight from the showroom.

Trust the experience!

During the repair, our technicians thoroughly inspect the vehicle to let you know what condition the car is in and what services should be covered – including whether an oil change is required. They then get to work and repair the vehicle as quickly as possible. The price set in the initial conversation does not change, and all details will be agreed during the conversation with our mechanic

Welcome to our service!

Our team consists of experienced mechanics who will take care of your vehicle after the first visit. They will let you know when the next service is due. They will also be happy to provide information on the dynamic oil change.

We provide our services in a service center located in Krakow. Before we start work, we will carry out a free inspection of the automatic transmission in your presence. We want you to feel safe in your vehicle. If you are looking for experienced mechanics and certified services at a competitive price, please contact us today!

Expert advice

Static (gravity) oil change in the automatic transmission allows you to replace a maximum of 50% of its volume.

A dynamic oil change performed on a working gearbox guarantees 99% efficiency and significantly extends its trouble-free operation.

We provide this dynamic oil change service using the modern Ravenol 3.0 ATF Profesional Line device by qualified mechanics.

It is recommended that the dynamic oil change be carried out at intervals of 60,000 km. This period is shortened when the box works in difficult conditions, e.g. a vehicle towing a trailer.

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