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A/C system service

A/C system service

Car air conditioning service in Krakow

Regular servicing of car air conditioning is essential. An annual review ensures that it runs smoothly whenever you need it. In the summer, when you want to cool the car, but also in the rest of the year, when it is needed to dry steaming windows.

In our air conditioning service, you will perform a comprehensive car air conditioning review. The most common causes of failure are too little coolant or no oil in the system. We not only repair air conditioning when it fails, but we also provide a comprehensive service that includes cleaning car air conditioning. Bacteria and microbes develop in the air conditioning system, which then enter the car interior through the air vents. Such microorganisms can be dangerous to health. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically clean the car air conditioning. This is a very important part of servicing. Disinfection of car air conditioning can be carried out in several ways:

  • chemical method (a chemical agent is applied to the air-conditioning system),
  • ultrasound (using a special device to generate ultrasound),
  • mechanical method (direct cleaning of the evaporator),
  • ozonation of car air conditioning with an ozonator.

Car air conditioning service

In addition to decontaminating the car air conditioning, its periodic review should also include filling the car air conditioning. We check and carry out thorough system diagnostics, and if necessary, we also fill air conditioning with gas if the amount of refrigerant is too small. We also seal car air conditioning.

In our wide offer, we provide not only gas for car air conditioning, but also o-rings. In our workshop we service air conditioning compressors and coolers. You can order all the activities described above on our website. A small investment will pay off with satisfaction with the car all year round.

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Why is it worth servicing car air conditioning?

Probably no driver today can imagine a car without car air conditioning. It is one of the most standard car amenities - making everyone forget that it needs to be serviced like all other parts of the car.

Take care of your car's air conditioning

Car air conditioning is exposed to vibrations, shocks and damage during each route - especially if the road on which we are driving is not covered with asphalt, but with stones. This can lead to coolant leakage, which in turn can result in much more serious and costly failures. In addition, an irregularly serviced car air conditioning can become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria that will get into the car and our lungs through the air vents, causing the unpleasant smell of the car interior and various diseases of the driver and passengers.

Regular servicing of car air conditioning is essential. The annual inspection ensures its efficient operation whenever we need it - in the summer when we want to cool the car, but also in the rest of the year when it is needed to dry fogging windows or heat the interior.

Service and repair of air conditioning systems

Our service also provides repair services for air conditioning systems. The latest technology at our disposal allows us to determine the smallest refrigerant leaks. We are able to remove any leak. We repair all elements of the air conditioning system. Only an efficient and tight installation allows for trouble-free operation on hot days.

We also disinfect the air conditioning system with ozone and other methods.

The above services apply to air conditioning operating on R134A and 1234YF refrigerants.

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