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Why have a driving licence?

  29 June 2022

Why have a driving licence?

Freedom to travel

A driving licence and the ability to drive a car gives you an ability that is invaluable these days - mobility. Moving around quickly and freely not only saves a lot of time, but also makes you independent of the often malfunctioning public transport - especially in big cities. This is even more important in the provinces, where there is either no such thing or where courses are infrequent. If you live out of town, having a driving licence can often be the deciding factor in whether or not you get to your job, place of entertainment, shop, hospital, etc., which is many kilometres away. In addition to independence, the freedom to travel also gives us flexibility. If necessary, we can go wherever we want without relying on others.    

Job opportunities

Another advantage of having a driving licence is the much greater spectrum of jobs that can be pursued. A category B licence is often a requirement not only for companies providing transport services, but also for industries such as catering, uniformed services, commerce, insurance, real estate, logistics, construction and many others. Having a driving licence also helps you to commute to work at any hours, which is very important when a company has a shift system.

Satisfaction and convenience in everyday life

In addition to strictly pragmatic reasons, the ability to drive is also a pleasure derived from the driving itself. Travelling in your own car can be very satisfying and gives you much more freedom of choice in matters such as tourism and leisure activities. With a car, you can drive your children to school or extracurricular activities, do a lot of shopping, transport bulky items or help out non-motorised relatives. A driving licence is also a substitute for an identity document, which can also come in handy at times. The benefits of having a driving licence could go on for a long time. Certainly, despite the financial cost, it is worth making the effort to obtain this document and learn to drive. It is a skill that stays with you for life and can come in handy in the least expected situations, even for those who shy away from cars on a daily basis. You are more than welcome to use our car service!

Why have a driving licence?

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