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Who is more likely to pass a driving licence - men or women?

  04 June 2022

Who is more likely to pass a driving licence - men or women?

How do ladies fare in tests?

Back in the early 2000s, it was much rarer to see a woman behind the wheel than it is today, and there were many unfunny jokes among male drivers about the skills of female drivers. Nowadays, however, the situation has changed dramatically. Nowadays, ladies take driving tests just as willingly as men (the statistics are more or less even) and account for almost 42% of all citizens entitled to drive.     However, the number of people willing to take this document is increasing year on year and, if this trend continues, the fair sex may soon constitute half of all drivers in Poland. As far as the pass rate for driving tests is concerned, the data show that it is much easier for women to pass the theoretical part. Practice, although statistically they do less well than men, does not yet mean that women do not manage behind the wheel well enough. This can be seen, for example, in the impressive police statistics on road accidents.  

Women drive slower, calmer and safer!

As it turns out, women cause only a fifth of all crashes and the fatality rate as a result is very negligible (less than 5%). The considerate, safe and somewhat conservative driving that characterises many women is unfortunately a common cause of frustration among nervous drivers, which is perhaps why there are so many negative stereotypes about their skills. It may also be a reason for the more frequent failing of the practical part of the test, where the student is often required to be decisive.   Despite this, ladies are not giving up their desire to have a driving licence and are already getting into cars without the complexes that characterised earlier generations. It is worth adding that for many years the number of all road accidents in Poland has been steadily falling, as has the death rate as a result of them. Is this due to more women behind the wheel of cars? We do not know - we can only guess. You are more than welcome to use our car service!

Who is more likely to pass a driving licence - men or women?
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