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How does a car airbag work?

  22 June 2022

How does a car airbag work?

Airbag effect

During a high-speed collision, the human body acquires kinetic energy which multiplies the force of its impact. Our body cannot withstand such enormous loads, so without mechanisms to dampen this energy, the risk of death or disability as a consequence of an accident is much greater. The first line of defence is always the seatbelt, which takes the initial momentum. Next, the airbag is activated.     An airbag-equipped car has sensors located in various parts of the bodywork that initiate airbag activation under significant impact force. The airbag itself has only 10 milliseconds to open and 30 milliseconds to fill with gas. The person's body hits the airbag, pushing the gas out of the airbag, which over time begins to escape on its own through the side openings of the airbag. This is a mechanism designed to protect the driver or passenger from being suffocated by the airbag. Please note that the entire airbag-based safety system may not work if the seatbelt is unfastened. In such a situation, there is a good chance that the passenger's body will hit a hard yet fully inflated airbag at full speed, with potentially tragic consequences.
Types of airbags in cars

In addition to the most common front airbags located in the steering wheel and front panel of the car, there are other types of this safety feature in many car models. Typically located in the seat backs, side airbags protect the driver and passengers from impacts to the side of the car, while knee airbags, as the name suggests, are designed to offset injuries to the lower limbs.   In more expensive cars, air curtains are also becoming a popular solution which, in addition to increasing side impact safety, protect victims in the event of a rollover. The effectiveness of this solution and the contribution it makes to improving road safety means that the frontal airbag is nowadays a standard from which it is difficult to find an exception, and other types of airbags are also ceasing to be a luxury that only a few can afford. You are more than welcome to use our service!

How does the airbag in a car work?

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