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How do you sell your car?

  15 June 2022

How do you sell your car?

What should you do if your car is in a condition where it is no longer safe to drive due to its disastrous technical condition and it is too expensive or even impossible to repair? The answer seems simple - scrap it. However, in order to be able to do this legally, the owner of the vehicle must meet several formal criteria. Otherwise, he will expose himself to unpleasant consequences.

Which dealer to choose?

It is important to be aware of the fact that not every vehicle scrapping centre operates fully legally. The choice of such a place, even if it is more favourable from the financial point of view, is not only connected with breaking the law and the threat of criminal consequences, but it may also lead to administrative problems later on. In order to make sure whether a given waste collection centre operates in accordance with the law, first of all one should check this place on the website of the Marshal's Office which issues permits for such activities. In a legal car dealer, the owner should receive documents confirming the sale and cancellation of the vehicle and cancellation of the registration plates, and, which is also important, cash immediately after the car is returned.    
What formalities does the owner have to complete?

It is up to the owner of the scrapped vehicle to complete the formalities for its disposal. In order to legally dispose of a car, the owner has to take the complete car documentation with him to the collection point, i.e. registration certificate, sale and purchase agreement, vehicle registration card, confirmation of ownership, authorisation to dispose of the car and identity document. The owner must then deregister the car due to dismantling at the office where he registered it. There, in turn, documents such as: - Application for de-registration of the vehicle, - Vehicle card, - Registration certificate and plates, - Certificate of dismantling (obtained from the salvage yard), - Identity document, - Copy from the National Court Register (in the case of company cars).  

Once the car has been deregistered, you should also remember to notify the insurer and cancel the policy. Otherwise, it may be automatically renewed, which obliges you to continue paying the premiums, even if the car no longer physically exists. It is worth mentioning that all these formalities will not be completed at a place whose activity is illegal. Therefore, the choice of a legal car purchase should be a priority - especially as companies providing this type of service outdo each other in their offers, offering not only attractive prices, but also additional services such as collecting cars which are no longer fit to drive. You are more than welcome to use our car service!

How do you sell your car?

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