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How do you prepare your car before a holiday trip?

  10 August 2022

How do you prepare your car before a holiday trip?

Symptoms and signs

When a car gives an indication of an abnormality, it cannot be ignored. Any sign that it is not working properly should be checked at a professional car service. Especially before a holiday trip, when the suitcases are almost packed, the hotel booked and the children dressed in their swimming costumes, the technical condition of the vehicle should be checked. Luminous lights, a smoking exhaust pipe or unusual noises coming from under the bonnet should not be underestimated. Every detail should be checked by a specialist, if only as a precaution. Only an efficient car will ensure a safe trip for the driver and his/her relatives.

What to check?

A car that does not cause problems on the road may suddenly break down during a longer journey. To avoid unpleasant surprises, its most important components should be carefully checked. The engine oil should be checked before setting off. It is important that the car is on a level surface and the engine is cool when the oil level is checked. It is not advisable to check the level a day or two beforehand, as it may change even a few hours before departure. The condition of the tyres is another important consideration. As well as a jack and spanner, you should have a spare tyre ready, especially if the ones you have on are already slightly worn and worn out. Checking the brakes is essential. The safety of the journey, including the life of the driver and his or her loved ones, depends on them. It is a good idea to have them checked at a trusted service centre before you leave. Windscreen wipers and lights may seem like optional extras in a car, but they actually play a key role. It is worth stocking up on spare bulbs and good washer fluid. In addition, it is useful to pack a battery charger and driver safety items, i.e. a reflective waistcoat and a warning triangle, between your suitcases. Our Wadowicka Auto Service cares about its customers, so the inspection is always carried out by experienced professionals. Trusting the Twój Mechanik service is the way to have a safe holiday. You are more than welcome to use our car service!

Jak przygotować samochód przed wakacyjnym wyjazdem?
Jak przygotować samochód przed wakacyjnym wyjazdem?

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